Where I’ve Been

Below you can see a map of all of the countries I have visited along my travels. The blue countries are those that I have visited, light blue are due to visit soon and grey are yet to be visited!

As of September 2020 I have been lucky to travel to 49 countries (that’s not including 3 out of 4 of those that make up the United Kingdom!) across 3 continents. I have also travelled to one British Crown Dependency!

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So far I have travelled mainly around Europe and I’m not actually far off visiting every country on the continent! I have also been over to North America a handful of times, South East Asia a couple of times and passed through the Middle East on a couple of occasions.

I’m not really a fan of just going to a country just to say you’ve ‘been there’ or to make the country total number go up, when I visit a place no matter for how long, I try and see as much of the place as I can! Some places like Vaduz in Liechtenstein you can see most of what there is to offer in a day as it is only small, however somewhere like New York city in the USA you do need a couple of visits as it is such a huge and densely packed place! 

Where I’ve Been…

Andorra – 2019: Weekend trip to Andorra La Vella
Austria – 2018After trip destination to Vienna after Scandinavia and Russia trip

Belarus – 2018: Visit to Minsk as part of my Scandinavia and Russia trip with Contiki
Belgium – 2017: Day trip to Brussels, 2018, transit to Luxembourg from Charleroi Airport, 2020: transit through Brussels airport.
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2017: Transit through the Nuem Corridor
Bulgaria – 2016: Week holiday with my mates to Sunny Beach

Cambodia2020: Visited Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh and Kratie with GAdventures
Canada2019: Solo trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls, Ontario. Was also able to celebrate Canada day whilst there
Czech Republic – 2016: City break with my mates to Prague, 2020: City break with friend
Croatia – 2017: Sailing for a week from Split to Dubrovnik with MedSailors

Denmark – 2018: Visit to Copenhagen as part of my Scandinavia and Russia trip with Contiki

Estonia – 2018: Visited Tallinn solo over Christmas break

France – 20022010: Transit through country from Calais to Spanish Border, 2005: School trip to Boulogne Sur Mer, 2020: Stayed in Nice while visiting Monaco.
Finland – 2018: Visit to Helsinki as part of my Scandinavia and Russia trip with Contiki

Germany – 2016: Oktoberfest with mates, 2018: Berlin as starting city for Scandinavia and Russia trip, 2019: Transit through country
Greece – 2014: Week holiday to Corfu, first holiday abroad with mates, 2015: week holiday to Crete with mates

Hungary – 2017City break with my mates to Budapest

Iceland – 2017: Solo visit to Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle
Ireland – 2018: Weekend trip with a bunch of Americans to watch Ireland VS USA, Rugby 
Isle of Man – 2017Weekend in Douglas with family to watch Isle of Man TT
Italy – 2018: – Family wedding in Sorrento, solo trip to Rome (and Vatican), 2019: Transit through country.

Laos – 2020: Visited Dong Krong, Pakse, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane with GAdventures
Latvia – 2018:  Visited Riga solo over Christmas break
Lithuania – 2018: Visited Vilnius solo over Christmas break
Luxembourg – 2018: 24 hour trip to Luxembourg City (£20 return flights!)
Liechtenstein – 2018: Day trip from Zurich, via Sargan to Vaduz and Malbun 

Malaysia – 2017My first completely solo trip abroad! Visited George Town (Penang), Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka as part of Bangkok to Singapore tour with GAdventures
Malta2019: Long weekend visit to Valetta and St Julian
Monaco – 2020: Day trip to Monaco from Nice

Netherlands – 2018: Visited Amsterdam for the day on long layover, returning from Baltics over Christmas Break
Norway– 2018: Visited Oslo, Voss, Geringer and Lillehammer as part of Scandinavia and Russia trip

Poland – 2017: City break with mates to Krakow, also visited Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps on organised tour. 2018: Krakow on stag do, Warsaw as final stop on Scandinavia and Russia Trip
Portugal – 2019City Break to Lisbon

Qatar – 2017Had unexpected layover in Doha after delayed flight forced a missed connection, 2018: Transit tour to Doha outbound to Vietnam and overnight stop on long layover in Doha on return journey

Romania2019: Long weekend visit to Bucharest!
Russia – 2018Visit to St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and Moscow as part Scandinavia and Russia trip. Also in Russia when 2018 FIFA World Cup was playing.

San Marino – 2019: Overnight visit to San Marino
Serbia – 2020: Weekend visit to Belgrade with friend.
Slovenia – 2019Long weekend visit to Ljubljana and Lake Bled
Spain – 20012010, 2017: Various family holidays to Barcelona and 2016, 2018: Weekend trips to Benidorm with mates, 2019: Transit through country.
Slovakia – 2018After trip destination to Bratislava after Scandinavia and Russia trip
Singapore – 2017My first completely solo trip abroad! Visited Singapore as part of Bangkok to Singapore tour with GAdventures
Sweden – 2018: Visit to Stockholm as part of Scandinavia and Russia trip with Contiki
Switzerland – 2018: Weekend trip to Zurich 

Thailand – 2017: My first completely solo trip abroad! Visited Bangkok, Khao Sok and Koh Samui as part of Bangkok to Singapore tour with GAdventures. 2020: Flew into Bangkok and stayed in city either side of Cambodia and Laos trip with GAdventures!

Ukraine – 2018Long weekend trip to Kiev, day trip to Chernobyl power plant
United States of America – 2018Week long solo trip to New York, NY. 2019: Week long visit to Las Vegas, NV with mates
United Arab Emirates – 2020: Long stopover in Dubai on the way to Thailand!

Vietnam – 2018: Organised trip with GAdventures from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, via Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue and Ha Long Bay, also my 25th birthday in Hanoi
Vatican City – 2018: Solo visit as part of trip to Rome