Travel Tips

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Stuck on how to get started booking your trip and what sites to use to do it? Here you can find posts relating to finding the best destinations and what sites you can book flights, accommodation and things to do!


Need some advice on what to pack for where you are going or how to pack it? In here I go into detail such as what you will need for the different type of destinations you are going to and also what you can take in your luggage and what needs to stay at home!

Airports and Travel

Get a bit stressed out in airports or when flying? Here I go into how you can navigate through and airport if you have never done it before, what you need to know about flying and how to enjoy the experience as well as how to avoid getting ripped off by the airlines through unnecessary extras!

On The Ground

Want to know how to make the most out of your time at your destination and avoid them tourist scams to everyone else falls for? I go into scoping out the best destinations for everyone, what you should do in general when you arriving in new places and how to stay safe there!


Want to avoid those expensive roaming charges or know how to get the most from your tech when travelling? I go into how to set your phone up for effortless travel and how to book and manage reservations through you phone as well as other tech!