Here you can find my trip report posts from new places I have visited, if you click on a post you can typically find on each post; where I went to, important destination information, what I did there as well as my tips and experiences to make your trip to that destination enjoyable if you decide to go yourself!

Bucharest, Romania31st May – 3rd June 2019

St Julians, Valetta and Marsaxlockk, Malta21st-24th March 2019

San Marino, San Marino8th-9th March 2019

Lisbon, Portugal – 25-28th January 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands30th December 2018

Dublin, Ireland – 23rd-25th November 2018 

New York, United States3rd-7th September 2018

Vaduz & Malbun, Liechtenstein25th August 2018