10 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel In 2021!

As we all know, travel isn't what it used to be right now! Border closures and safety restrictions are making it very difficult for travellers to see the world. Things will inevitably return to normal at some point but until then we need to keep dreaming and just think where we are going to visit first! Here are 10 photos that will inspire your travel plans for next year when we can (hopefully) travel again!

5 Alternate Things You’ve Got To Do In Vegas!

After my trip to Vegas a few months ago I realised that actually there is so much more to do in Vegas than just the gambling and the big parties (not that there is nothing wrong with doing these of course!) In this post I am going to go into 5 activities that we as a group of 5 lads did when we visited in Vegas that you might not necessarily have thought to do and my honest option whether you should do them or not!

Visit Toronto!

Located along Lake Ontario, one of North America's 'Great Lakes' sits Toronto, Canada's biggest city by size and population. This huge international city has so many amazing sites to see and can be reached from the UK for not as much as you think. In this post I am going to go into detail of what I got up to whilst there and what my recommendations are if you fancy visiting this amazing city yourself!

5 Ways To Avoid Being Ripped Off At Airports!

If you have been through an airport within the last decade you will know that they are not just a means of boarding a plane at one side and de-boarding it at the other! they are huge facilities with areas for shopping, dining and even leisure activities such as spas and fitness centres. In this post I am going to give you my top 5 tips for how to save money and avoid getting ripped off while passing through an airport!

40 Countries Later…

When I first started travelling as a hobby, I never would have thought I would end up visiting so many amazing places! On Saturday 9th March I crossed overland from Italy into Slovenia, making it my 40th visited country. In this post I am going to give a bit of insight into what I have been up to in all of these places I have visited and my opinion whilst I was there.