10 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel In 2021!

This post has been created from content I have taken on previous trips, prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am currently not travelling anywhere abroad and I recommend others to consider all factors before travelling anywhere distant.

I have to admit that when I travel to somewhere new, I tend to take what is probably considered too many photos! I usually end up taking enough photos on a trip, that at some point mid-trip (especially if I am on something like a 2 week trip) I have to go through my camera roll, sort through them all and upload a lot of them onto cloud storage, so I can then fill my camera up again!

I think just about everyone who has ever been on holiday is missing the travel vibe at the moment with everything going on.. although it is not completely impossible to ‘travel’ at the moment and even for Europeans, some countries are allowing visitors in. In my opinion it is just not the right time to be going anywhere! Hopefully next year, there is a light at the end of this tunnel we are in and we can get back on the road again. Hopefully we can get back to revisiting the places we have missed or travelling to somewhere new and unknown!

In this post I am going to share with you 10 of my favourite travel photos from past trips and the memories I have from them! Hopefully what I have to share can inspire you for future trips!

#1 – ‘Lanterns of Hoi An’ – Hoi An, Vietnam (2018)

Hoi An is a small city, not far away from the major city of Da Nang in Vietnam. Proudly holding UNESCO status for its stunning historical Old Quarter, this is one place you simply must visit if you come to this amazing country!

As you wander down the small streets of the Old Quarter, you will walk under hundreds of coloured lanterns, which are hanging from just about every building they can be tied to! As much as the lanterns look stunning during the day, of an evening they are lit up to fill the streets with a multi coloured glow!

Although it’s not in this top ten list, the feature photo for this blog post is also from Vietnam. This incredible bridge named ‘Cau Vang’ (‘Gold Bridge’ in Vietnamese!) can be found surprisingly in a theme park in Ba Na Hills, which is just outside of Da Nang!

#2 –Coniston Pier’ – Coniston, UK (2019)

A bit closer to home! Coniston is the nearest lake in the Lake District to where I live! Being within a 30 minute drive from home, Coniston and its lake is often the lake that I visit when out on my bike or if I just want a quick drive out of town.

I snapped this shot one late Saturday afternoon in Winter and instantly fell in love with it! Can honestly say that #nofilter can be used for this photo. Apart from a slight angle alteration to make the jetty parallel with the frame, you are seeing exactly what I saw that afternoon! Stunning!

#3 –Geyser Eruption’ – Strokkur, Iceland (2017)

Resting over 2 of the worlds major tectonic plates, Iceland is famous for its underground volcanic activity! One place that you can really see this underground activity burst to the surface is at Strokkur, which is about 90 mins drive inland from the capital Reykjavik.

Over the years Strokkur has become quite the tourist hot spot, don’t think for a minute that you will be only person trying to capture the perfectly timed shot of the geyser erupting! The natural display really is incredible to see and as well as the sound you hear of the boiling water rushing up into the air!

#4 –Take Off From ZRH on SWISS’ – Zurich, Switzerland (2018)

One city that I will definitely make sure I visit again is Zurich! Despite its obscene prices that make the likes of London and New York look cheap in comparison, it really is a beautiful city which in my opinion has so much character!

I flew with SWISS return from Manchester on my trip. Luckily SWISS use the incredible Airbus A220 for a lot of their European routes and one of the benefits of flying on this aircraft are its huge windows!

#5 – ‘Concrete Jungle’ – New York City, NY, United States (2018)

The first thing I was thinking about after I got back from New York was when can I go back! This city really is a gem to visit, no matter how you choose to visit it or what you do!

One part of this photo that I really like is that it looks like I have actually caught 2 famous buildings in the shot. Obviously the Empire State Building is the main building in the shot but also it looks like I snapped the Flat Iron Building to the right. What I actually snapped was a nearby building of no real importance, but at a bit of an angle that resembles the front of the Flat Iron Building!

#6 – ‘Christmas Markets In Tallinn’ – Tallinn, Estonia (2018)

I’ve been to a lot of Christmas markets over the years, but the one that I visited in Tallinn, Estonia is definitely one of my favourites! Some Christmas markets can be that big and crowded that they can be a bit overwhelming and you don’t really have an opportunity to fully enjoy it.

With a nice bit of hustle and bustle, but plenty of room to step back and really take it all in, Tallinn Christmas market is the perfect sized market in my opinion! I managed to take this nice and clear snap of the incredible Christmas tree that stands proud in the main square.

#7 – ‘Summer Nights’ – Askam-In-Furness, UK (2019)

Kind of cheated with this photo as its not a real ‘travel photo’ for me, although I did have to travel 5 whole minutes on foot from my house to the beach to capture this shot!

I admit that the conditions in which I took this shot are pretty uncommon, it was a really warm summer evening and not the slightest bit of wind. Very lucky to say that I have this incredible sight right on my doorstep!

#8 – ‘Landing Into SPU’ – Split, Croatia (2017)

One of the most incredible landings I have seen is definitely coming into land at Split Airport in Croatia, especially when coming into land from the north. This landing is one that you will definitely want to have a window seat for! One a clear day like when I took this photo, you feel almost like you a nearly touching the tops of the buildings below!

Split Airport is actually a little bit out of Split itself and what you can see in the photo above is actually Trogir, which is on the island of ฤŒiovo!

#9 – ‘Chopper Ride Over Hoover Dam’ – Hoover Dam, NV, United States (2019)

As much as Las Vegas is an incredible place to visit and it has so much to see and do when in the city, it is also so close to so many amazing sights outside of the city! One of the main attractions to see and a must on your first visit to Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon, which is the neighbouring state of Arizona!

Regardless of whether you drive or take a helicopter like we did, to get to the canyon from Las Vegas you have to pass the Hoover Dam! Luckily our pilot was able to hover for a brief moment while I was able to snap the perfect shot!

#10 – ‘Castle Views’ – City of San Marino, San Marino (2018)

2 weeks before I started planning my trip to Slovenia, I noticed on a map this tiny country that was inside of Italy called San Marino! After doing a hefty chunk of research on this tiny country and its history, I quickly changed my Slovenian travel plans to include a 500km detour and allow me to visit it.

I was so glad that I chose to make a visit to this really interesting little country (even if it was just a short overnight stay!), I was told by a local that during the peak of summer the capital (also called San Marino) is packed with loads of tourists, with many doing day trips from cruise ships that have docked up in nearby Rimini, Italy. Luckily going in the quiet season, it felt like I had the entire city and its stunning views all to myself…

In conclusion..

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these photos, just as much as I enjoyed taking them and being in these amazing places! I also hope that it gives you some travel inspiration for when we can start travelling again!

I am really hoping to start featuring more ‘photo gallery’ style posts on my site like this one, if this is something that you would like to see then please let me know in the comments.

What are some travel photos that you are most proud of taking, if you have links to them I would love to see them!

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